The Krait

The Krait species was recently detailed on the Anet developer blog and a significant portion of the post was devoted to the Krait religion. As a quick summary the Krait worship exalted prophets that came before. The teachings of those prophets is passed down orally and actively changed by the ruling priesthood called (name). The willful manipulation of their history by the priesthood generates several questions in my mind. The primary question I have is whether or not the other Krait know that their beliefs are being actively manipulated? An entire species which lives and dies by a faith that is being actively modified, not by their deities, but by their brethren evokes a radically different reaction in me than the one I think Anet had in mind.

According to several interviews the Krait have a specific place in the lore as Evil. Their society is built around three “virtues” arrogance, violent zealotry, and dominance. When I look at these aspects of Krait culture and how they bind to the faith of the Krait I find that I feel more pity than hate for the wayward species. Much of the pity stems from viewing the Krait as a species that has bound itself to dead gods. There is nothing more pitiable than a religion that worships a corpse. Will my characters avoid killing krait in game due to my own pity? Not at all. While I pity the race their actions are atrocities from eating humans and other no aquatic species to enslaving the poor Quaggan and Hylek (Heket). Since the krait are destined to be a constant foe to our avatars in Tyria I look forward to seeing how the introduction of bubbles (the deep sea dragon) to their environment changes them. Will they as a species succumb to the siren song of power that is corruption by the dragon or will they be forced to confront their own mortality and learn humility. Of all the races thus far detailed I find the krait to be interesting not for what they currently are, but for their potential.

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