Awwww Quaggan

The Quaggan are the latest intelligent species (anet calls them races for some reason) of Tyria to be detailed on the Anet blog. There was not a great deal of information that had not already been disseminated to the Guild Wars Community. The real advantage of the post is that it gathers widespread information together while giving a few interesting insights to everyone’s favorite dolphin/manatee/whale/Darwin’s fish people.

The “hulking out” feature of the Quaggan was on display and I found it interesting that the Hulks use of third person is aped by the Quaggan. Since Anet tends to go the extra mile with their races it’s entertaining to find that the third person statements are due to cultural ethics not stupidity. Thinking back on Anet’s post on the Krait I find it interesting that many species seem to have naturalized ethics. Krait are all aggressive religious zealots and Quaggan are all passive though they can have intense outbursts. I wonder if we will ever meet Viking Quaggan who embrace their berserker nature and have developed some semblance of control over it.

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