Introducing Vrabin (the person not the character)

Hey all I’d like to introduce you to Vrabin (the player behind the character) who will be posting here with the occasional short story, opinion or news piece. Right now he’s at gamecom checking out GW2 and LOL primarily so sometime next week he should be posting an impressions article. His first post should be coming up here in the next few days. I’d tell you who to look for at the con but he is a fan of internet privacy.

In other news the story will be postponed a few weeks as I’m working on finishing up some school work as well as trying to get a few weeks ahead in written posts. I’ll also be putting up my first piece of GW2 fiction within the next few weeks as well centered on a Sylvari and a necromancer in the magumma jungle.

Edit* to add delineation between himself and his character Vrabin will be posting as swashbuckler7dan

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