Mini Pet Palooza

Hunter over at his insight laden blog, Will over at Distilled Willpower (new site btw) and Izari over at Talk Tyria have all recently speculated on the first half of the guild wars title, namely guilds. I could add my own speculation, but I’d rather talk about something else and that something is minipets. Why? Lets take a look at a quote from an italian interview

Q: How players can obtain mini-pets in Guild Wars 2? Will they be distributed as birthday presents like in the original Guild Wars, or will there be other ways, for example crafting?

A: We are not ready to talk about mini-pets yet at this point. I can say that they will play a larger role (emphasis added) in Guild Wars 2 than that they have played in the original Guild Wars.

I can imagine two different possibilities from what they have said. First (and the most likely) is that they might make minis more easily acquired in GW2 than in the original.

In Guild Wars you can get mini-pets through a series of methods; your first through fifth year b-day gifts, by taking part in Canthan New Year, buying a magazine with a code in it, buying a collectors edition, completing an all campaign scavenger hunt, being the bestest roller beetle, being awesome at PVP, murdering thousands of white mantle in WiK, or Getting very lucky with certain chests and gifts.

Even with many different ways to acquire them it can be extremely difficult to get your hands on a specific one. The Black Moa Chick from the scavenger hunt is the only mini-pet you can set out to get without excessive randomness or having elite PVP skillz.

Guild Wars 2 on the other hand is ripe for easily aquired minis. I can see them adding in a cow mini-pet for the cowtapault mini-game/even or dungeon specific pets. Pet could also be bought with PVP currency or Karma maybe even order specific tokens for minis and costumes. I like GW2ita’s idea of being able to craft pets like an asuran golem or a Charr clockwork titan (as I Charr I would totally make a clock work titan servant mini with vengeful delight).

The second possibility is that they may add extra functionality to mini pets. While I doubt they will allow the pets to deal damage there may be other uses for your pet.  I’ll use Aion’s pet system as an example.

I personally loved the pet system in Aion. I bought and played the game primarily to experiment with their mini pet system. In Aion you have four different kinds of pets; normal pets, pack pets (panda with a knapsack yeah it’s kinda cute), alert pets, fortune pets, and pets that do a combo of all three.

Pack pets added storage and which were accessible only when the pet was summoned. The worked like a out of combat mini bank. By owning multiple pack pets you could significantly increase your character’s effective storage. From what I have seen of GW2 videos there should be quite a bit of storage in game, but even with over a thousand slots in WoW it always seemed like I could use more space (I may be a virtual hoarder).

Alert pets start throwing a fit if enemy players are near by… even if in stealth. This was great for a nub like me in such a PVP centric game. I think it would be a great addition in WvWvW. It would take some of the pressure off new players who want to experience WvWvW while not being ganked by level 80 thieves repeatedly. A started pet could be available for a nominal amount of what ever the WvWvW currency is.

Finally fortune pets eat a variety of different kind of loot, from trash drops to epic crafting mats and produce some random better quality object. I really enjoyed feeding my pig a ton of trash items like broken weapons and the like and then they would eventually produce a gift for the me… that sounds a lot stranger and more disgusting when I put it in writing… I’ll just pretend they made it in their free time while I was off grinding mobs… It added an element of random slotmachine/item furnace to the game which forced you to decide between selling your junk items or feeding your pig.

With environmental weapons and a very excited programmer they could have you pick up your mini-pets and interact with them. How cool (adorable may be a better word) would it be to be playing an Asura and have him walking around with the orange tabby hanging from his arms…

So internet (and by internet I mean my five readers) what do you think? What kind of functionality would you like to see mini-pets bring to the wide world of GW2?

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4 Responses to Mini Pet Palooza

  1. Distilled says:

    I can’t see them adding any kind of mini-pets which gave an advantage to the player in PvP or PvE, I don’t think that’s ANet’s bag. But I would absolutely LOVE it if we could interact with them – imagine a pirate norn with a parrot pet on his shoulder! One with a matching eyepatch and peg-leg!


    Thanks for the plug btw, need all the help I can get with the new URL. You’re a star.

    • shongaqu says:

      Since Anet generally apporaches Minis as a cosmetic aside much like town cloths I agree that we will proably not see minis with the functions i listed. In Aion i found the minis functioned more like fun trinkets in wow as they dropped off raid bosses dissapeared in combat and the alert pets told lowbies when to run but not where the enemy was.

      For the parrot you could pick it up then have three options shoulder head and arm then it could fly around you durring combat and return to roost after you leave combat that would be awesome.

  2. Ramei says:

    We know how three unique mini pets are acquired, Hall of Monuments rewards for playing Guild Wars (1). Some others have speculated that mini pets will be used in mini games, in particular a kind of Polymock, I hope not. hated it.

    • shongaqu says:

      As someone who liked the concept of Polymock, but not the implementation I hope that if they do link Polymock to minis that they significantly change the way Polmock is played perhaps with a 3 vs 3 turn based game. Even if they do have Polymock they will still give you the option of having the pet follow you around. What would be cool would be accessories like a whistle or leash that lets you control their movements.

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