Corporate Guilds: the Sub-Guild Story

Many people have discussed the positives and negatives of the new guild system in Guild Wars 2 so I’ll avoid weighing in on whether I think it’s good or bad. Instead I plan to focus on specific uses that a multi-guild system can have, even for guilds that insist on loyalty to a single group. Follow along after the break for a bit of mechanics analysis and armchair development.

The first place I’d like to look at is the way Role Players can use this system to enhance their RP organization. Having out of character guilds that are used for organization and policing of events can be extremely helpful as it allows everyone in a RP community to be in the same managing guild. Having individuals who may be in “warring” guilds have access to a common guild allows for free flow of ideas in game that usually requires forum surfing. Policing this chat would be important as opponents in the developing story may have some issues compartmentalizing. This can also help address the issues brought by “god modeing” and “RP griefers” as they have a larger community to which they are beholden. Beyond the regular RP community having a guild dedicated to casual RPers run by the a few regular RPers allows the casuals to be updated when an RP event is occurring. If the casuals are interested they can fast travel. This encourages greater community involvement and can create the possibility for larger more unpredictable RP sessions.

For the large loyalty driven guilds creating multiple sub-guilds can be a great opportunity. Sub-guilds can be created for specific purposes such as World vs. World, competitive Player vs. Player, or Player vs. Environment. By seeing who is active in which sub guild you can easily see what other members of your guild are interested in and more easily group together. This can even be used to segregate hardcore PvP guilds into sub sections. There can be a primary tournament PvP group as well as secondary PvP groups. PvP players can work to progress from the low rank PvP sub-guild to the top PvP sub-guild in their large PvP guild, much like moving to the varsity team in high school.

For gargantuan guilds Sub-guilds can allow more people the chance to experience the advantages of their vastness. Examples of such guilds include; massively overpowered, the Pc Gamer guild or Gaiscioch(these guys were big enough that they fielded a three hundred person raid within a week of rifts launch). Many of these sorts of guilds already use additional guilds in game this system however allows the guild leader and officers direct access to each guild.

Even from the small amount of information we have received on guilds I have only two significant questions about how guilds will function. I’m curious how server structure will affect guild formation and what guild halls will be like. We know guilds will be able to hold structures in Tri-World combat (hah finally a short way to say it), this suggests that guild will be bound to servers. An interesting option for some guilds may be the option to forgo the ability of holding and benefiting from holding territory in TWC (formerly known as WvWvW). By losing this ability they could gain the ability to work as cross server guilds and perhaps gaining a bump in the number of people they can hold to compensate.

I posted a comment over at under the pale tree discussing what I thought guild halls might be like once they are implemented sometime after launch. I keyed of the idea that Guild Halls and Player housing will be implemented at the same time and suggested that each server may have a city in the mists that features guild Halls and Player housing. This would be a large area constantly shifting in size. If a guild buys a hall it will appear at the edge of the city, the same if a player buys a house. As players and guilds upgrade their property the area it takes up can expand shifting the city around it. Simultaneously if a player or guild chooses to abandon their property or switch servers it will disappear allowing the city to contract.

This would be a major undertaking for the coders at arena net, but it would go a long way toward creating the server focused communities that Anet has said they want to foster as long time players will develop neighborhoods. Obviously there are some issues with a city building system this chaotic such as people getting lost constantly and friends being far apart, but Hogwarts constantly shifting staircase and sigil the city of doors were no less annoying yet still totally awesome.

So what are your opinions on sub-guilding, cross server guilds, cities in the mists, and TWC the new way to say WvWvW? Sound off in the comments below.

(This post was written for the GuildMag blog Carnival 2. I’ll link the official list of participants here on the 25th of this month when it is posted.)

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5 Responses to Corporate Guilds: the Sub-Guild Story

  1. ArcherAvatar says:

    Ok, first it has to be said that “Tri World Combat” is a fantastic way to refer to “World vs World vs World, Player vs Player Combat” which is ridiculous even if you abreviate it. I’ve been cheating and just calling it WvW PvP and that still sucks. TWC is a much easier abreviation that still manages to capture the exact essence of the subject. I proclaim it to be fully-awesome, and decree that hence forth this shall be the officially sanctioned manner of referring to this aspect of the game. You receive +7 internets for sheer brilliance in the face of unwieldy wordiness.

    Second, your concept of “sub-guilds” forming in GW2 also has merit, and I think it will specifically apply to “purpose-driven” guilds as you suggested, and could very well develop into a key feature of TWC in particular. Although the highly organized, restrictive guilds normally associated with end-game raiding in other games probably aren’t useful or needed in any other aspects of GW2, I think anyone could see how the monumental task of organizing an entire server’s efforts in the TWC would benefit from some sort of command hierarchy of guilds with perhaps an Over All Command guild which is formed from the officers and leaders of the other guilds active in the TWC area. (Biting my tongue on the LotR referrence but can’t help it… One Guild to rule them ALL!)

    There will almost certainly be “rogue” elements active within the TWC as well – individual players who are not associated with any of the main guilds participating in the fight, but who nevertheless still participate in the PvP in the area. However, being able to coordinate the efforts of the guilds who want to participate in TWC would undeniably contribute to success for the server in that arena.

    Regarding the guild halls and player housing concept… it seems impractical on a number of levels to me. Let me just site one specific flaw I see in the idea; the vast majority of players in previous MMOs that I’ve seen excitedly participate in purchasing player housing and spending the time and effort to furnish or decorate that have also wanted absolutely nothing to do with PvP at all… so placing the guild halls and player housing within the TWC area would be “aiming” at the wrong audience. Most players who are invested in player housing are also more interested in crafting, and generally focus exclusively on PvE content. Conversely, most PvPers couldn’t care less about player housing unless there is significant storage available in it as well.. they tend to be of a more practical “what is this doing for me” type of mindset. That’s not to say there aren’t exceptions going in both directions of course but, in general those are the trends.

    If I had to try to predict the nature of the guild hall and player housing implementation following the launch of the game I’d say that they will probably fold it into the overall lore of Tyria and GW2 in particular. I agree with you that it will take form as a “player city” but I don’t think it will be instanced, and I don’t think it will be in the Mists. I think it will be the 7th major city introduced to the game (the 5 racial cities plus Lion’s Arch being the 6th.) and introduced as another major hub for player traffic. If this is in fact what they do then it will represent the player’s efforts to unite the races of Tyria against the threat of the Dragons, and be strategically placed in some fashion associated with that over-arching story line.
    It will simply be added onto the existing Lion’s Arch city in some fashion, which already serves as the major hub for all 5 races coming together at the mid to upper levels of the game.

    I think it would be a major mistake for the DEVs to try to “hide away” the guild halls and player housing in any sort of instance though. Those aspects of MMOs are all about “showing off” and displaying… they should be in relatively active areas or near them, and should be accessible to casual foot traffic.

    • shongaqu says:

      I agree that putting a player city in TWC would be a poor idea. Just as TWC is in the mists my idea is essentialy to create a wholely seperate bubble universe that houses the player city. By putting it in the mists youcan have a player city without instancing that can expand and contract since in the mists there do not have to be traditional borders. It would be more inline with the casual non combat systems in Guild Wars as no one would have to worry about a land grab. At the same time it could result in a “dalaran effect” where players abandon the cities in tyria to spend time in their mist city.

      • ArcherAvatar says:

        Oh… I misunderstood what you meant by putting it in the Mists… the only thing in the mists so far was TWC so I made an incorrect assumption. Sorry.

        I still think it would better serve the “purpose” of guild halls and player housing to have those incorporated into the persistent world though, as either a central hub city of their very own, or as an annex to Lion’s Arch.

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