hey it’s 2012

I’ve been away for awhile, partially from hype burnout, but mostly due to a Star Wars: The Old Republic induced coma.

As a quick year in review the Sylvari RP primer and the Mesmer speculation reigned supreme as my most viewed posts. I also recently discovered that I have a ton of German readers so danke!

I was thinking about writing a SWTOR review, but this is a Guild Wars blog by jove so I’ll distill my SWTOR experience down to a paragraph or two.

If you enjoy how bioware tells a story and like Star Wars then SWTOR has quite a bit to offer. Beyond the story SWTOR does a good job of teaching players how to play by having four noticeable difficulty ramps as you level. As the difficulty increases players have to begin using crowd control and learning to optimize their skill usage.

There isn’t a lot of horizontal progression in SWTOR; you can quest, do an on rails space shooter (it’s fun but limited) or PvP. PvP broke a week or two after launch as an imbalance of 50s started to show up on servers for one side or another. Broken PvP translated to issues with leveling alts. While the character stories are unique they don’t provide enough xp to level you to 50 so for same faction alts you will either need to repeat several hundred tedious fedex/kill ten rats quests or run a ton of PvP. Overall it’s a worthwhile game with a great deal of potential so I’m looking forward to seeing where the devs take it.

Ok enough about SWTOR, let me tell you what you can expect from Tyrian Stories this year. I’ve got more RP primers coming your way starting with the Asura next Monday. The adventures of Vrabin, Shongaqu and Merados will be continuing as I try to find a balance between quality, length and regularity. I’m also updating the tag line for the site to account for how much I love talking about the meta-game.

Thanks again for dropping by in 2011 I’m looking forward to 2012.

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