The Tyrian Post

The printing press changed the world; it enabled an increase in literacy,education and allowed copies of the manuscripts to maintain greater consistency. Enterprising individuals used the printing press to create tracts and begin publishing magazines and news papers a revolution in data sharing on par with the internet age. Oddly enough the warlike Charr are the race that brought this revolution to Tyria.

You may be thinking to yourself ‘wow Shongaqu, the printing press, why do I care’. For role players the answer is simple as the majority of their characters were probably illiterate before the printing press was developed; now literate characters are much less of a social anomaly. For everyone else I submit the idea of the Tyrian Post an in game news paper.

The idea for the Tyrian Post stems from me daydreaming about dynamic events in the housing system I really want Anet to implement. I imagined an asuran child riding their pedal powered golem through the streets of the player city throwing newspapers at the steps of player’s houses. While the newspaper could be a cool collectable for players it would be much more interesting if it actually had information players cared about in it. Let’s look at some possible sections the paper could contain;

World News

World news could contain information about upcoming events or new content updates. Short stories and lore related articles from the devs could be posted to this section as well. Essentially this section could contain any of the major goings on in Tyria.

The Daily Adventurer

Anet is well known for gathering metrics in Guild Wars. It would be impossible to even begin to try and balance the game if they didn’t track popular builds and other statistics. The Daily Adventurer would be a way for ANet to share some of the Player vs. Environment data they gathered with the players. They could publish the most popular builds per profession from exploration mode dungeons or. They could also show metrics of class popularity on your server or the most commonly used consumable buff per profession. This section would be aimed at casual players to help them choose a build and and buffs as well as for players who want to be a special snowflake and play the least played profession on their server.

The Daily Gladiator

The Daily Gladiator would be the 5v5 Player Vs Player analogue to The Daily Adventurer. Players could come to this page to see team rankings and what builds and maps are the most popular. Once Anet gets their spectator mode up and running they could also include links to popular game casters like total biscuit and djWHEAT.

The Warfront

The jury is still out as to whether or not Tri-World Combat (TWC) will be excellent or terrible, but most people agree that Anet will need to provide solid incentives for players to try it out. Having a page deidicated to the battle lines in a daily “newspaper” could encourage players to rally when their server is behind. It could also show player kill charts as well as guild rankings and as usual builds.


I enjoy playing the auction house in mmos (especially my time in WoW) which I why I keep bring up the undermine journal as an example of auction information done right. If Anet could provide top selling items and materials lists on this page as well as market trend charts I’d be quite pleased.

Opinion and Personal Interest

Anet has fostered a ravening community around guild wars 2 (admit it we are kind of insane), and it would make sense to have a page dedicated to their works. Imagine this as a text/hyperlink form of summoner’s showcase from LoL. This section would of course need to include ‘hey bookah’ with Bamff.


The classified section would be dedicated to server specific announcements generated by players. This section would have to be policed heavily but would be excellent for organizing events on a server like TWC zergs, RP sessions, parties and dungeon runs.

With ANet in the last stages of GW2 development I doubt a feature like this could make it in at launch. That said an in game news paper would be excellent for helping casual players keep up with the current metagame and help build server communities.

So what do you think? Would having a news paper like this encourage players to try game types they normally wouldn’t? Would it cause a homogenization of build types? What kinds of pages do you think an in game newspaper should have? Go to town in comments below.

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