Over the Edge in the GW2 Stress Test

The first thing I did after logging into the stress test was take my engineer Miriam to Lions arch. Looking neither right nor left I made my way to the secret area behind the waterfall. I was on a mission; I was going to jump off the edge of the world.

There are a number of dangers associated with hurling one’s avatar beyond the confines of the world the developers have painstakingly mapped out. In some games going falling through the world could result in characters being destroyed due to glitches in location data. Other times companies will ban a player who wall glitches outside the approved playground.

Getting back to the land behind the waterfall was simple enough. I paused a moment as I passed the stalagmite pit to grab some video. Continuing on I ran up a ramp, under a rock, over a hill and then inside a rock. Once again I was face to face with the cerulean expanse. I paused and debated the wisdom of what I was planning to do. Miriam was level 23 and barring a character wipe she was my best bet at a chance to run ascalon catacombs during the next beta weekend. With a mutter of “its beta” I made up my mind and drove Miriam off the cliff.

It was a shorter fall then I was expecting. I only lost half my health to the fall. Looking around I realized I had hopped off a false edge, there was still more map to go. I crossed the unnaturally flat ground, preparing to cast myself off a promising looking ledge when a path between to mountains off to my left caught my eye. After a brief detour I returned to edge of the map and looked down over the cliff curious to see if this was another false edge. It was not.

Far below the map were what appeared to be white capped waves, flowing along in perfect tiled symmetry. I leapt Miriam forwards excited to see how long she would fall for only to ram into an invisible wall.

“What?” I cried.

“No,” I replied

After a few fruitless seconds of slamming Miriam against the invisible wall I went to looking for another cliff. The next cliff I found seemed promising as it was in slightly from the invisible wall. Perhaps I could slide underneath my unseen nemesis. It was not to be.

As I watched Miriam slide downward, trapped between the cliff and the wall, I debated whether I should try again. Miriam hit the bottom of her slide and face planted, taking something to the tune of 60k damage. I ported her back to the main plaza of lions arch and decided that that was enough glitching for the day. Contented with my attempts to fling my character from the edge of the world I logged off Miriam and rolled a Mesmer. Not everyone can jump and if I’m going to run guided tours I need to start thinking with portals.

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