Still alive

gearing up for the beta weekend. Going to focus on the crafting system.

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The Tyrian Post

The printing press changed the world; it enabled an increase in literacy,education and allowed copies of the manuscripts to maintain greater consistency. Enterprising individuals used the printing press to create tracts and begin publishing magazines and news papers a revolution in data sharing on par with the internet age. Oddly enough the warlike Charr are the race that brought this revolution to Tyria.

You may be thinking to yourself ‘wow Shongaqu, the printing press, why do I care’. For role players the answer is simple as the majority of their characters were probably illiterate before the printing press was developed; now literate characters are much less of a social anomaly. For everyone else I submit the idea of the Tyrian Post an in game news paper. Continue reading

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Reverse the Polarity of the Magitron Flow: Role Playing an Asura

The seductive sentient sprouts will probably be a popular choice for players when Guild Wars 2 launches later this year, but not everyone wants to be a nature loving hippie fichus. Some want to be the smartest character in a group. They want to have a role-play reason optimize the living daylights out of their characters. They want to know the science behind everything in Tyria ever. Their naked ambition to prove their superiority drives everything they do. They want to play an Asura.

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hey it’s 2012

I’ve been away for awhile, partially from hype burnout, but mostly due to a Star Wars: The Old Republic induced coma. Continue reading

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Mists of Panda Express Guild Wars 2 Combo Platter

While I wouldn’t say that ANet has opened the floodgates of information, the post that Jon Peters put up on the Official ANet blog gives fans some answers to questions they have had for awhile. Sadly as usual this also leads to more questions, some more important than others. Continue reading

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My friend Mary Sue and Purple Prose

So the term “Mary Sue” gets thrown around often in role playing circles. A great post over on GW2guru talks about it. In the post they mention Purple Prose which I had never heard of before, suffice it to say I’m going back over my previous posts.

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Zoning Restrictions

SynCain and Ravious have some interesting points about the nature of dynamic events on their blogs. One of SynCain’s last statements reminded me about a concern I have with the Guild Wars Dos zoning system. Continue reading

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