Post Gamescom 2011 or 40 minutes of a Guild Wars 2 in 1300 words

After many travel woes in Europe I am glad to be back in the US and able to present to you part 2 of 3 in my Guild Wars 2 Gamescom experience, thanks for waiting and enjoy.

Gamescom 2011 was quite an experience. Cosplayers, nerds, booth babes, and of course beer, Germans love their beer, there is never a shortage if in the north or south and Gamescom was no exception. The experience was too much to recount in detail, so for the purposes of this article we will focus on the time spent at the NCsoft booth.

I say NCsoft booth because like the NCsoft homepage it was more like a half Guild Wars 2 booth half WildStar setup. When speakers for WildStar came on stage I did not know who to feel bad for, the WildStar developers that received a less than hearty welcome on the NCsoft stage or the disappointed and bewildered fans that came to see Guild Wars 2. Although the real issue in my opinion was the split in terminals, about half for WildStar and half for GW2 demos. Not counting slots on the other side of the hall for GW2PVP there were 16 GW2 demo slots and about the same amount on the other half of the booth for WildStar demos. Me being there for the sole purpose of playing the GW2 demo it just seemed silly to have half of the booths dedicated to WildStar terminals going relatively unplayed.

After a three hour wait in a line with no set boundaries (line cutting was a small issue) along with many other sweaty nerds I was finally getting a taste of what many have been waiting for since 2007. Having plenty of time to see others play the demo gave me some insight on what I race to choose. It was a tough choice between Norn and Sylvari but a Sylvari Necromancer was my pick in the end. I went to the Con with the intention of rolling a human, an analogue of my Necromancer main in Guild Wars classic but the humans started very low level and were being ordered around by that traitorous jerk Logan Thackery, that was the deciding factor and thus Trilea Ketsuekikage, the Sylvari Necromancer was born. Killing a giant zombie dragon with a name like Teqautl the Sunless seemed like a lot more fun than the human scenario anyway. Onward! to character creation. Continue reading

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RP Primer Poll

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sylvari rp primer update

I adjusted the sylvari relationships section to reflect some new info I found in an interview I read a few weeks back. I’ll update this post when I actually find the link

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Mini Pet Palooza

Hunter over at his insight laden blog, Will over at Distilled Willpower (new site btw) and Izari over at Talk Tyria have all recently speculated on the first half of the guild wars title, namely guilds. I could add my own speculation, but I’d rather talk about something else and that something is minipets. Why? Lets take a look at a quote from an italian interview

Q: How players can obtain mini-pets in Guild Wars 2? Will they be distributed as birthday presents like in the original Guild Wars, or will there be other ways, for example crafting?

A: We are not ready to talk about mini-pets yet at this point. I can say that they will play a larger role (emphasis added) in Guild Wars 2 than that they have played in the original Guild Wars.

I can imagine two different possibilities from what they have said. First (and the most likely) is that they might make minis more easily acquired in GW2 than in the original. Continue reading

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Pre-GamesCom 2011

This being my first post on Tyrian Stories I would like to thank Shongaqu, for getting things rolling, nice job. Hope we can keep it rollin’.

My gaming experience started at a young age with the beloved NES console. I remember late nights playing the original Final Fantasy with my father, learning to read just so I could equip the proper armor or use spells. At that point I was hooked. RPGs became a mainstay in my gaming lineup. I loved the fantasy, the medieval setting, the excitement of casting spells, but most of all the lore. Western, eastern, or action adventure it didn’t matter, the story drove me, it was my reason to keep coming back. If the story was solid or sometimes even if it was not (enix) I would take every quest, read every dialogue. I just had to know, to seek out every mystery available.

That said, you may now be surprised to hear that Guild Wars was my first MMORPG experience. The lack (or wealth) of lore in a MMORPG depends on your opinion. Although if you have been playing GW since release, (April ’05) you probably know the lore was enough to sate your inner scribe, however, narrative was another story. The story contained plot holes, a villain race with undetermined motive, and characters with more quirkiness embedded into their dialog than you could shake a stick at. Somewhere in the middle of the quirkiness scale is the well remembered Prince Rurik with lines such as:

“As a boy I spent much time in these lands. Look at them now.” Continue reading

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Introducing Vrabin (the person not the character)

Hey all I’d like to introduce you to Vrabin (the player behind the character) who will be posting here with the occasional short story, opinion or news piece. Right now he’s at gamecom checking out GW2 and LOL primarily so sometime next week he should be posting an impressions article. His first post should be coming up here in the next few days. I’d tell you who to look for at the con but he is a fan of internet privacy.

In other news the story will be postponed a few weeks as I’m working on finishing up some school work as well as trying to get a few weeks ahead in written posts. I’ll also be putting up my first piece of GW2 fiction within the next few weeks as well centered on a Sylvari and a necromancer in the magumma jungle.

Edit* to add delineation between himself and his character Vrabin will be posting as swashbuckler7dan

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Role Playing a Sylvari: a Sprout’s Guide

So you are crusin’ along on kotaku when you run across an article on *ahem attractive plant people. You think to yourself those look

kind of cool, but I’m a hard core RPer from the halcyon days of SWG and DAOC how do I pretend I’m a plant? The obvious answer is to

spend a few hours talking to you plants at home to get a general feel of their ideals. (I have also heard that it helps them grow, so win-win). Once you realize your plants can’t respond verbally you make your way to Google and search “Sylvari Role Play” somewhere on search page fifty you find this guide. Jump past the break for a rundown on some basic information and recommendations about role playing plants.

Continue reading

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