I have been a fan a Guild Wars since reading the first preview in PCGamer some eight years ago. Most of My time in game is spent on his necromancer Shongaqu Staimoto.

Guild Wars brought me in with its lack of subscription and modular builds then surprised me with a competent if somewhat schizophrenic first campaign. Shongaqu’s character initially was a villain in my early character storylines as I did not expect to fall in love with the necromancer play-style the way I have. Over time the character has changed at first becoming a dark self insert into Tyria and while still maintaining some of my own character he has mostly broken away.

The idea to write the story of my small guild’s characters had been floating around in my mind for quite some, but had taken a back burner to other projects such as school, other stories I wanted to write and playing games. Now with my degree in hand I’m taking time to try my hand at writing and see where this takes me.

Tyrian Stories is in many ways and experiment to see just how far I can take my writing. I welcome anyone who is willing to bear with me.

If the urge to contact me strikes you shoot and email to me at tyrianstories@live.com

Thanks for visiting the blog.

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