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Merados Goldwind eyed the small pale skinned Asura with a calculating gaze. In the background muffled conversations droned, punctured by the tinkling of glassware.  The Asura for his part ignored the large human and focused on shuffling a deck of … Continue reading

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Chapter 1 part 4 A Walk in the Woods

It was still dark when Vrabin’s eyes opened and he felt a trickle of sweat slide across his forehead. Beside him he heard Jessica breathing deeply in peaceful sleep. Wiping away his sweat Vrabin took a moment to collect himself. He thought back … Continue reading

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Vrabin Part 3 “Festival Night”

The large brightly lit green Gelta pulled the wagon onto was a bustle with activity. A large bonfire dominated the center and acolytes of the five gods worked quickly to erect a stage and seating nearby. The smell of baking confections … Continue reading

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Vrabin Part 2 ‘Going Home’

As the wagon bounced its way down the rugged, dusty cart tracked road Vrabin drove silently. Sophia lazed in the wagon bed reading a book of psalms about the five gods. Occasionally she would blow a loose strand of her … Continue reading

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Vrabin shaded his eyes, in the distance he could see the sun shimmering off Serenity Temple’s gilded roof. ‘It’s been too long since I’ve visited the temple’ Vrabin reflected silently. He had frequented it often as a child while studying … Continue reading

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Six years before the searing…. Night hung heavily on the surrounding forest. The only light entering the clearing came from the sliver of moon overhead. Shongaqu lay stretched out across the cool grass. In the distance the howls of wolves … Continue reading

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