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Reverse the Polarity of the Magitron Flow: Role Playing an Asura

The seductive sentient sprouts will probably be a popular choice for players when Guild Wars 2 launches later this year, but not everyone wants to be a nature loving hippie fichus. Some want to be the smartest character in a … Continue reading

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RP Primer Poll

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sylvari rp primer update

I adjusted the sylvari relationships section to reflect some new info I found in an interview I read a few weeks back. I’ll update this post when I actually find the link

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Role Playing a Sylvari: a Sprout’s Guide

So you are crusin’ along on kotaku when you run across an article on *ahem attractive plant people. You think to yourself those look kind of cool, but I’m a hard core RPer from the halcyon days of SWG and … Continue reading

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